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 5,000 Targeted Hits
 10,000 Targeted Hits
 25,000 Targeted Hits
 50,000 Targeted Hits
 100,000 Targeted Hits
 250,000 Targeted Hits
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 5,000 Visitors
 10,000 Visitors
 25,000 Visitors
 50,000 Visitors
 100,000 Visitors
 250,000 Visitors

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It is useless if you get a lot of traffics but without powerful skills or techniques to enhance your website. Or even more powerful tools to increase your website's efficiency.

Therefore we offer free bonus for any purchase of our Targeted Hits programs.

Here are the bonus offered to every clients who have purchased any one of our Targeted Hits programs :

Bonus Descriptions
E-books Over 100 of e-books and manuals for you to choose from. Titles included 61Sales-Boosting, Stealable Articles, Totally Free Web Resources, Ebay Wholesale sources 2002 Reseller Package and tons more. All e-books are downloadable and self-executeable. Plus you have full resale rights of them.
Web Templates Download 100 professional web templates at once. They are designed by professional web designer. You will have full resale rights for these.
Scripts Over 20 of scripts for your website. Such as Banner rotater, Pop-under exchange, Exit exchange, Pay-per-click search engine and etc. All scripts are copyrighted, therefore you don't have resale rights.
Software Over 10 useful software for webmasters. Such as ColorMaster, CGI Expert, Dynamic Submission and much more.