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 5,000 Targeted Hits
 10,000 Targeted Hits
 25,000 Targeted Hits
 50,000 Targeted Hits
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 5,000 Visitors
 10,000 Visitors
 25,000 Visitors
 50,000 Visitors
 100,000 Visitors
 250,000 Visitors

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Q: Where does the traffic come from?

A: HitsWare.com is affiliated with some of the 
    largest advertising networks on the Internet.

    Your traffic will come from sites that have

    agreed to load your entire page in a separate

    window upon entry or exit of their site. We

    target your traffic by delivering your visitors

    from sites which most closely match the content

    of your own. 

Q: Are these Banner Impressions?

A: No. These are real people visiting your site. The
    visitors are exposed to your web page and your

    offer, not to a tiny banner or mini pop-up. We 

    deliver the traffic to you. It's up to you to sell your

    product or service to them. 

Q: Is the traffic unique?

A: Yes. The traffic delivered to your site will consist of
    100% unique individuals. Traffic is monitored 

    carefully to insure that no visitor is delivered to your

    site more than once in a 24 hour period.

Q: How long will it take to receive the traffic?

A: Traffic packages typically start within 24 hours
    (not including weekends) are usually completed

    within 30 days of initiation. 

Q: What kind of conversions can I expect from a 

A: Conversions (successful sales or registrations) 
     vary widely with each campaign. Your success will

     depend solely on your offer and its presentation.

     The most successful campaigns are those which

     use an enticing free offer to acquire the surfer's

     email address for extensive direct marketing. 

     These sites usually have higher conversions than 

     sites which require the user to send payment. 

     Web sites that accept credit cards online

     generally have higher conversions than those

     which depend on snail mail to complete a sale.

Q: What type of sites do you accept?

A: We cannot accept sites that contain content or
     links/banners to adult sites with pornographic

     images or links, sites promoting hate speech,

     firearms, tobacco or  alcohol related ads

    (collectively referred to as "Undesirable Content").

    The main landing page for the advertisement may

    not contain sound files or redirection other

    than immediate, transparent redirection for the 

    purposes of tracking the campaign. Your site may

    have only one 'exit' pop-up.

Q: How will I know how much traffic I have received?

A: We provide every customer with a real-time 
    statistics account so that they can monitor

    exactly how many visitors have been delivered

    by our service. 

Q: Do you guarantee sales or signups on my site?

A: No, it would be impossible to guarantee the number of
sales or signups at your site or referrals to another site
from your site. We can only guarantee that you will receive
the traffic you paid for and that no matter what promotion
you have purchased, it will be delivered within 30 days. We
provide websites will quality traffic and it is up to you to
entice sales, signups and referrals by offering a good
product or service and by utilizing a successful method of
acheiving those results. We will not refund services already

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